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Black Widow

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Black Widow
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Prix D'Ami

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Nov 12, 2007


Black Domina-White Widow hybrid. Bio.


This is simply beautiful weed: Light green and heavily crystalled, it is really potent looking. Some of the calyxes are so round and plump, they look like they are filled with juice! But no, this weed is clearly filled with THC! ;) Very tiny hairs of a light red-orange colour are hard to find but they are there. The weed breaks up just fine even without a grinder and although really sticky, it is cured perfectly.


Scent is very much like the typical Garden Herb that I often find in Hazes. There is less of a minty smell than you would find in White Widows, which makes sense cos this weed leans much more toward it's Sativa heritage versus an Afghani-Indica that often dominates most White Widows (or should I say, "strains being sold as WW") on the market today.


The flav is so delicious when you dry hit it, it is like a Vegetarians feast! Strong flavs of leafy greens, celery and sage. A bit of "hot" pepper-spice in there somewhere too, much like some of the finer darker hashes I have smoked in the past.


Just as my lips started to go softly numb, I began to felt the flashy visual effects from this ganja! I was caught deep in my thoughts with this one and I felt VERY zoney like I walking around in a serious daze! Man, this weed is strong! I am SERIOUS! It makes you feel just out of it. I seriously recommend this one if you are in town. Hopefully, there's enough to go around during the Cup!


VERY impressed with this latest gear from Prix D�Ami; it's all around great. Well cured and flavourful and the FX are close to mind-blowing. No shit. Proud to have "the Prix" representing. The temporary loss of the alcohol bar, has only caused them to raise their smoker's menu to a higher level!

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