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Dessert Bud

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Dessert Bud
Rating: 3.0 out of 5

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Prix D'Ami

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Nov 7, 2004


Mostly Sativa


Leans on the dry side, but breaks well, indicating a proper cure. Slightly packed, this weed is dark yellow-green with long orange hairs that are quite long considering how thin they are. A few extra leaves left on to cover the goods: Heaps o' powder left in da bag, which is always a good sign with Sativa's.


Definitely "hazey" when it burns, there is a really nice spicy smell that floats around the room.


Fresh and flowery-spicy, like a good Sativa should be, a bit green in scent at times due to the crystals, it can burn quickly and scorch your throat slightly. We liked this in the waterpipe, where big tokes were easier to handle and made a serious impact.


Shockingly strong! Visuals are powerful and quick hitting. You feel like you are in slow-motion as your vision tries to keep up with the moving action around you. Just as quick as the high takes you up, you are let down again, without too steep a drop!


If you are into a serious night of pool competition at the Prix D�Ami, make sure you toke on this afterwards, or you will end up looking really lame! I wasn't expecting such strong FX from the looks of this weed but this is just another case of looks can be deceiving�

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Prix D'Ami

Haringpakkersteeg 3-5
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