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Silver Haze

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Silver Haze
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Jan 26, 2007


Sativa-Indica hybrid, Hydro.


This weed is very light green and VERY resin-covered! Every millimeter of the surface is shiny from the crystals. Just look at the photo; it leaves powder behind even if you gently set it on the table! The light orange hairs are very fuzzy and sparse. Considering how incredibly sticky this weed is, the buds break up softly and easily. It is really nicely cured and cut; The people who clipped this must've nearly gone crazy with their attention to detail!


As soon as I smelled this really sweet and fresh herb, I was really excited to take a puff. It was going to be very tasty and strong. It just rushes to your nose with a classic Haze sandalwood smell.


The flav is much like the smell; very tangy and zesty. A bit spicy and yet still very resinous. This taste is added to by this resin and becomes a bit icy-peppermint with a very light buttery aftertaste that I often find in this "trademarked" Silver Haze strain. The inhale is tough; I nearly choked from the strength of it. Luckily I had an icy-cold vodka-OJ from the Prix D�Ami to cool my throat and to complement the spiciness of the joint.


These FX hit you straight away; like you are hit in the side of the head with a hammer, you nearly feel dizzy! This effect lasts for about 5 to 10 minutes before it softly fades to just a very strong high. It is like riding a strong "wave" of trippy-stonedness. :)


So far this has to be one of the best "balanced hybrid" weeds I have smoked so far in 2007! It hit me in "all the right places", making me feel like I was a beginner again� if only for awhileIt was a more-than-super high.

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