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Fisherman's Friend

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Fisherman's Friend
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Oct 10, 2001


No trustworthy data here yet... But for those of you who don't know, "Fisherman's Friend" is a sort of throat lozenge used for coughs, dry throats, and even bad breath...


Rocky, tight and "clustered" buds. A bit of "salt & pepper" looking with the variation from dark green to lighter with heaps o' white crystals roughly the consistency of fine grained salt. These samples were well manicured in most places with the odd baby fan leaf left on for coverage.


Minty & spicy at the same breath. The mint has got that eucalyptus scent that slightly burns the back of your nose and throat when inhaled. aroma therapy action as you bust this beauty open...


Once you are able to regain your breath, the flav hits you incredibly hard! A rich spicy herbal and eucal-pine rushes across your tastebuds, and "burns" a lil'. (Hence the name FF I suppose...)


The high is quick and potent. A very lazy-eyed, dreamy state was induced in yours truly. It was possible that I may have been taken "up" for the initial bit but I kept smoking bowl after bowl of this tasty gear which would lead anyone to a more zombified plane for over 100 minutes or more.


This weed certainly lives up to its name as the flavour and the effects tend to be very "medicinal" and relaxed. Although my throat was in need of something to cool it down afterwards and i'm not sure if my breath was better or worse than pre-sesh, I was very satisfied nonetheless. To be honest, I need to pick some more of this gear up to really test it's K.O. properties. Ahhhh... In the meantime, lay back on the sofa and smoke a bowl.. or five...

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