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Prix D'Ami

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Apr 27, 2004


Sativa/Indica hybrid. Hydro.


Lightweight, yet dense. It feels like rough velvet as you begin to break it up. Silky-smooth, it gets softly powdery. Almost yellow from all the crystal coverage. "Furry" orange hairs look like tiny little flaming torches. Yes, I WAS stoned!


Sweet and sugary. Fresh and so lovely to smell. The scent makes you wanna eat it like a dessert. When you break it up, it smells like it was just clipped from the plant.


It tastes real fresh and pollen-like, as if it was hash from a pollen-maker or hash shaker. There's a slightly musty flav that you often find with most white varieties.


Very quick hitting and powerful; a strong combo-type high. Visually "flashy" with a typewriter-eye high. (see BushDoc Glossary) This is the perfect gear to smoke on a sunny day in the park. Colours seem more vivid and intense.


This is a top product for it's type and category. Potent hydros can be a bit harsh to toke but this one was really soft, smooth and enjoyable. Pick some up on the way out to the water or park and you will not be disappointed!

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