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Orange Victory

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Orange Victory
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

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Prix D'Ami

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Oct 10, 2001


Victory crossed with ????


This stuff is beautiful. A perfect specimen. Alien Herb If aliens landed here and wanted to smoke, this is another one i'd like to session with 'em!


There's a very light "chalky" smell that reminds me of certain types of hash. But, there's also a bit of "green" with a soft orange scent on the break. (That BushDoc Term is perfect for a Pool Cafe like Prix D'Ami!)


The taste is fresh and sweet. A wee tinge of the "chalk" lingers around, although the fresh green and sugary-spice flav makes a spliff of this a perfect match with a huge vanilla milkshake! Lekker.


A very nice floating high! Buzzing and rising, an "up" feeling takes hold and grips ya for more than 90 minutes. You are energized with a really alert and only mildly visual / tracer fx. The "up" may cause those prone to paranoia to trip a bit so watch out... cause everyone's out to get you!!!! HA-HA-HA-HA (The thriller video laugh)


The first sunny daze of Lent found me on my balcony, shirt-free and smoking FAT pure spliffs of this weed. A lot of emails ask that I recommend beginner buds; here's one that can be enjoyed by non-paranoid newbies who wanna try for a more refined high and for pros who just wanna chill high.

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Prix D'Ami

Haringpakkersteeg 3-5
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