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Silver Haze

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Silver Haze
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Double Reggae

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Jul 22, 2002


Mainly Sativa/Indica blend.


This weed is oddly "fuzzy". It has a few extra un-manicured leaves left on to keep the hairs intact. When it gets broken up, it's really exposed: Inner-crystals are light yellow in a tiny micro-dot pattern.


Begins with a green kinda musty smell but as it breaks up, there is a sweeter fruity scent. No sign of the typical Hospital Haze smell. A bit "peppery" maybe... da's it!


The taste is much like the crystal flav; a bit of eucalyptus-fruit. The smoke tastes like it was properly cured which is a really good for a weed that burns so well.


This shit hits you fast and hits you hard; it makes you feel a bit over-stoned. It really takes twice as long to do anything on this weed. This lasts for awhile so don't smoke this gear when you got heaps to do!


Really nice weed here; good flavour, good FX. The music playing at Double Reggae was chillin' and I really coulda sat on the Nieuwendijk for ages... actually I did!

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