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Double Reggae

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Oct 25, 2002


This particular "version" is more of an Indica than Sativa hybrid.


Really good lookin smoke. Elegant, elongated leaves, "stretched" toward the lights, yet still remaining dense and Indica "nugget-like". Heavily powdered with clearish-yellow crystals. (You can see a bit through the yellow to a transparency, if that makes any sense to ya!)


Green and "danky"; straight Gorgeous Gardener cellar stank. A bit mouldy scented (uh oh!) with a little citral-come-coffeebean blend in the end!


Rich and full flavoured, there is a heavy crystal burn which I have named for the hot flava from weeds like this with so much powder; it burns your lungs! Aftertaste is kinda coffee-like in a Java-C (see earlier reviews for that def.) sort of way.


The high is nice and strong. You get a big body high that makes you feel a little "thick". (Of course that depends on how stupid you are BEFORE you toke! ;o)


A nice bud to smoke for just vegging out, laying back, barely lifting your arm just enough to make the infra-red from the remote control hit the TV, and not a millimeter more!

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