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Homegrown Fantasy - CLOSED AS OF 1 JULY 2014

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Feb 12, 2003


Indica based hybrid.


I used to have a model electric train set with little plastic trees set around the tracks. That's what these buds remind me of; they are hard, shiny, green and shaped perfectly (as they're man-made), rising from a fat base to a pointy tip.


Ginger Snaps (Gember Koekjes). When the adults are drinking coffee and chomping biscuits, my wee nephew runs around saying "koekje, kooooekje". Before he's finished the 1st one, he's reached for the second, and nibbling on that, he's reached for the 3rd and so on... By the time he left, there was half-chewed up koekjes all over da house! Later as I spliffed up, I thought I kept smelling that fresh ginger that he'd been spitting up, but it was really just this similar smelling weed!


Fresh, bio-grown flavour. Well cured, as it lights up you get a real eucalyptus burn in your lungs. It feels like an icy resin forms in the back of your throat and drips down over the course of a fine slow burning fatty.


I almost made the mistake of waking up and reviewing this on a Sunday morning BEFORE my family visited; AFTER they left, I skinned up and was heavily baked! My eyes were "buggin' out". This smoke makes me nutty; straight itchy-like too. I was Sticky Eyed Sam for about an hour after I toked this tasty herb.


I am not normally too keen on K2 cos it can be so strong but this weed was really "finished" so well that I had to give it a go. Well pleased. The guys at HGF really offer some refined samples. All good joh.

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