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Silver Pearl

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Silver Pearl
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Homegrown Fantasy - CLOSED AS OF 1 JULY 2014

shop profile NZ Voorburgwal 87a


Sep 14, 2009


Sativa/Indica hybrid, 0.8g for €10


These are very tight, compacted buds, even though they are also quite large. Every single surface area is so incredibly crystal covered, you would be shocked to look at the bag after it's been bouncing around in your pocket. Don't let this happen! I rode my bike from Homegrown Fantasy to a friend who lived only 2 minutes away. By the time I was ready to skin up a joint at her coffee table, it looked like half of the crystals had been shaken off and were now clinging to the sides of the bag. :( There were lots of orange hairs, and they were about as rigid and thick as I have seen in a long time.


This smelled sugary and sweet like a Super Silver Haze (or actually quite similar to the Amazing Haze from HGF). When burned, every once in awhile it smells a bit more minty and skunky (like some Afghans give off) than Hazey.


The dry hit made my mouth water; it was softly "nutty" in flavour and almost "roasted". As we burned it, my friend said it tasted like a mint and honey tea; she was serving me a lovely home-cooked meal, so who was I to argue?


The FX are strong and quick hitting. I felt heavy-eyed and happy almost immediately after setting the spliff down. It was such a relaxing feeling and yet also a little bit trippy too. My friend had just completed her final exams in her nursing school and was feeling on top of the world; she kept saying how great this weed was and how much she liked being high. I was baked so I just remember her talking about the benefits of medical marijuana and how she would make a change in world policies� :)


By our accounts, this Silver Pearl is some great smoke. I am not sure if the Homegrown Fantasy still has the same gear in stock because I know this stuff goes fast but it's worth a try if you are in the area of the NZ Voorburgwal or down by the Dam.

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