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Taste Bud
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Homegrown Fantasy - CLOSED AS OF 1 JULY 2014

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Jul 25, 2002


Hindu-Kush + Skunk 1 crossed with Jack Herer. Possible Cannabis Cup Entry 2002?


Respect to the grower for another beautiful specimen available from H.G.F.. Orange-red coli, quite prominent and strong looking compliment buds that are well formed with cluster bits that interlock together like pieces of a puzzle. As you pull the wonderfully manicured tops apart, light yellow crystal-covered interiors are exposed, lookin' prime for burnin'. It is a real pity to have to destroy these works of nature by "unlocking" these fuzzy nuggets and preparing them for smokin'.... but it's a sacrifice that must be made!


Deliciously sweet and not too strong considering it's heritage you'd think it be more toward the earthy-coffee-skunky smell but that ain't the case, with this piece at least.


A smokers delight here with a naturally sweet and floral taste. Leaves a wonderfull aftertaste that drips down the throat like a melting hard candy.


The stoned effect is strong. Your eyes get heavy, your breathing slows. A bit like "swimmin'" through the air. Keep looking behind your shoulder... "What just moved?!?" It's all in your head mate, smoke some more Taste Bud and enjoy the ride....


I had wicked sore muscle pain this day but smoked a half joint of this and was really feelin' no pain. In my humble opinion, this would make for an ideal easy relaxer for Medical MJ users who are comfortable with stronger gear. This prolly wouldn't be a good idea for beginners or those who tend to get paranoid easy!!!

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