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Old Toby

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Old Toby
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Oct 10, 2001


Sativa based, no doubt! I am sure the boys at HGF have more info, so stay tuned...


Darker green, sabre/sword shaped leaves. Very fine layer of tiny crystals. The hairs are tiny and orangish-brown. The weed is "puffed-out" yet not very dense at the same time.


Oh, tobias! Super orange-lemon and pink grapefruit combo with a tinge of that ol' skool Mexi or Columbian scent.


Surprisingly NOT flavoured the same as the taste, but much more dominated by the Mexi flav which is quite spice-nice and fresh!


A light and "rolling" visual effect with small amounts of tracers as you turn your head from left to right... A nice lightly buzzed sense of being to be had by pros and novices alike.


This makes a nice impression on me; a real blast from the past... I really liked the uniqueness of this strain and it turned out to be a perfect beginner's burn for a first time tokin' friend o' mine on his 30th B-day! We had a great laugh at club Mazzo, listened to some sweet Drum & Bass and giggled away... Toby-Wan-Kenobi, the force was with us... hehehe... Old Toby is smooth!!!

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