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Genie Of The Lamp

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Genie Of The Lamp
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Homegrown Fantasy - CLOSED AS OF 1 JULY 2014

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Nov 23, 2006


This Homegrown Fantaseeds special is made from: an NYC Diesel / Big Bud cross. It was named after the Northern California rap album from Mac Dre which was often played while this strain was being developed. The HGF grower, and avid NorCal rap fan, decided to dedicate this strain to Mac Dre who was killed on Nov. 1st 2004.


These are delicate buds with tiny leaves and lots of orange coli. There is a fine amount of crystals covering all surfaces, but they are not powdery, like powdered sugar but more grainy like� raw sugar.


Very fruity with a dominant mandarin orange-grapefruit smell. Not sour and lemony but more sweet. Unlike weeds that get broken up and lose their scent quickly, this one stays strong, even 30 minutes after being ground up and prepped for a joint!


The taste is quite "soapy". The flav is citrus with a grapefruit peel "zest", and goes down smooth. (i.e. it doesn't expand too much.) On a dry hit, this kinda tastes like SUSHI! For some odd reason, as you inhale the unlit joint, there is an overwhelming taste of salty seaweed� strange but true!


These FX are completely "top of the head". Kind of buzzin�� this is some seriously energetic weed. You do still feel out of it though, so I wouldn't call this purely cerebral. It is definitely a blend of FX, which certainly appeals to me.


The HIGH, is very. The finish is tight. The salty-spiciness it displays adds to its uniqueness. In fact, this could have been called Genie's-SeaWEED! (Yet another Smokers Guide trademark in the making�;) Overall, this weed is really great! In a world of heavier Indicas and "pumped-up" Hazes, this weed makes a very good impression on me... your-not-so-average smoker! Go GOTL!

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