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Homegrown Fantasy - CLOSED AS OF 1 JULY 2014

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Jun 11, 2004


We�ve been told that this one is a 100% Indica that has been grown 100% biologically.


"What the?!?!?" Indica? Looks straight like a Sativa! OK, this one is gonna be trippy, you can just feel it! It is very unique looking, much like a man-made creation versus Mother Nature! Elongated buds, tiny little leaves, packed together fairly well. Some larger fans covered with crystals are left on here and there and I got no problem with that!


Sticking your sniffer in the bag, you are greeted with what can only be described as tempting; first break = fruity, with a soft ginger smell to it. Then a really danky, musty and kinda "zesty" scent is unleashed which may be behind the name of cheese.


The flavour is very sweet, no "spice" that you�d expect from a Haze. There's this really unique almost anisette/dill flavour which takes over your throat and mouth completely. What a kind taste; you just know your smoking the highest quality there is to offer! We v-ripped (a.k.a. vapourised) a few tokes and found it incredibly hard to keep contained. It just wants to E X P A N D inside your lungs!


The FX are very powerful, we had a smoking session with two tokes per head and you immediately begin to feel out of it. The ride is INTENSE, almost like timewarping cos you really just get lost for a few hours. Visual trips, some giggles and a dazey feeling, this is one of the best weeds in terms of FX for 2004 so far.


This weed is exceptional. This is the one for those of you who I like to try unique flavours and strains. Still not sure where the name Cheese came from, but a few people believe it stems from the "G" strains, originally cultivated by the U.S. government! The northern English accent when saying "It's one o� those G's", and you see the possibility! Either way, this is one of the most potent and distinguished flav's on the market right now. Well done.

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