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Silver Pearl

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Silver Pearl
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420 Coffeeshop (Dutch Flowers)

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Aug 19, 2002


Mainly Sativa NorLights hybrid, bio-grown.


First glance shows it leans more toward an Indica, looks-wise: I can only describe this as Golden Pagoda Temple nuggets. Inspiring in the sunlight. Built solidly, these are crystal covered with huge coli. Very nice cure and manicure techniques for this bio-beauty.


On first open of the "waxine sack" (Quite eco-friendly at the Dutch Flowers!), it smells a strong fresh "hay" and very "green". As you break it up however, there's much more spearmint (a little sweeter than a peppermint scent) and tones of apple-orange floral spice, but you may have to search a little for that!!!


A dry hit reveals all that I mention above with the most emphasis on the sweet mint and a fresher "floral green" with a tinge of that sweet citral spice flav.


A "before you know it, you're trippin" kinda weed! This is double blinker bud because you literally blink twice at everything before you can mentally focus on it. (I say mentally focus; not visually, as your eyes seem to be better off than your thought-process?!?) Wait, check that; the cap of the pen just flew off and looked like one long blue streak as it streaked by! BTW, these "trippy-uppy" FX last for a LONG time... straight endurance bud!


A bit "involved"; eventually the high moves toward a de-mo'd baked couch potato if you toke too much! Building a joint of this was a mission cos I didn't have too much so I put all the broken off fan leaves at the bottom of my spliff and all the loose fat fuzzy hairs at the top. The work was worth it for a top-shelf smoke from some strong ass gear.

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