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Spirit Of Amsterdam

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Spirit Of Amsterdam
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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420 Coffeeshop (Dutch Flowers)

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Feb 6, 2003


Really busy in the bar, so the guys had no time to explain the history.


Designer Bud. Strains like this proves there's still beauty in the world. Medium green with a mustard-yellow tone. Slightly "fuzzy" and still covered with Rainbow Glue crystal gobs. Compact in shape, calyx clusters in "grape vine" formation unlock from each other like breaking a rice cake apart; it snaps, and the lil' calyx balls remain perfectly shaped inside, inviting you to toke.


A bit damp and muf smelling on the first scent, like climbing into an old attic in the ceiling. As it breaks apart, it becomes more similar to a Haze in smell.


The flava is softly spicy, and kinda "dusty". The hits were also vapourous and expansive, usually found in the "white types". I had an ice cold vaasje to wash it down and was sitting very happily.


It gets you zone-stoned. By that, I mean you hop on a tram in Zone 1 and get to Zone 3 before you realise you were getting off in Zone 2! Spacey, ya, that's it mate!


The Spirit Of A'dam is alive! Makes you really appreciate the skills of good strain breeding, top growing and curing. Not your average strain, this weed should make some of you cannasseurs happy. Nice one. Check it out.

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