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Dread Rock

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May 26, 2003


Moroccan super polm.


Cut into thin strips, with a light brown, almost cake-like structure, this hash looks like it was made from the first shake of the finest plants and pressed with a great technique. This hash is looking top-quality right from the start!


The scent is soft and subtle. It is a bit like sniffing an After Eight dinner mint. It smells like a sweet chocolate-peppermint.


The taste is really nice and smooth. It coats your throat with a light oil (much like a darker hash.) After you smoke a joint you are left with a fresh minty-green taste. I went out for a banana milkshake afterwards and it made for a perfect blend of flavours!


The FX are relaxed and make for a chilled atmosphere. We sat out by the canal and fired up a big joint; within 5 minutes you can feel a "settled" feeling coming over your bod. For the first sunny daze of summer, this was a winner!


This is some seriously tasty and smooth Moroccan hash. Make sure you buy a nice little sliver of this gear and watch it go quick as you roll joint after tasty joint!

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Dread Rock

O. Z. Voorburgwal 67
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