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Dread Rock

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Jan 14, 2003


The staff was not sure about the origin of this one. It seems to lean on the Sativa side.


On first glance these look related to a purple haze hybrid of some sort. These nuggets are dark green with wire-thin deep red hairs. There is a fine dusting of powder all over them like they were cured in a donut box. These rocky pieces are firm and solid. As you crush it up to build a joint, the buds kind of break up like pine cones.


The smell is light and softly citral. I searched for a flav that would connect it to a purple variety and came up with a bit of the dusty-earthy-spicy but it was still much more bleached lemon than anything else.


The taste is not very citral, in fact it's more gingerbread (pepernoten) flavoured. The sharpness of the taste lingers around your throat and has your lips tingling with a soft buzz. A nice fruit tea would make a match but we opted for a Bacardi-Looza combo from the DreadRock bar to soothe the throat. It was a nice call.


FX are well, bizarre! You feel very visually stoned. By that I mean you see things fuzzy, blurry, almost "swollen" or "breathing" like a mild shroom session. It gets you "pumped up" and very creative. Ideas flashed before me and were almost replaced by the next one before I could it get it onto paper. I started analyzing global politics and found myself cramped with the munchies and lounging on the sofa with Miles Davis remastered albums.


DJ Philippo says that this weed really "came & went" without any serious impact. Not me! I was well and truly baked! This gear makes you feel like you are very stoned, very quickly. What can you do but be careful with the alcohol combo here. The brain can't really handle it!

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Dread Rock

O. Z. Voorburgwal 67
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