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Aug 18, 2006


Not much info on this background but it is certainly Indica-influenced! Bio.


Impressive "nuggets", eh? This weed looks yellowish in colour. There are X-mas tree shaped buds that are very dense and fuzzy; looking like a small pyramid of pressed powder. Layer upon layer, there are a few orange hairs and not many calyxes to be found. The fat crystals are actually more powdery, which means "watch out" when you are skinning up; make sure you have a smooth table to collect all the good stuff or you�ll be sorry!


It breaks up nicely and you can tell it's been well cured. It has got a ginger-mint scent that is slightly peppery. It smells almost "chemical" when you first start to break it up. (It was mentioned that it has a the similar smell to the "wash" used in Charlie, but I wouldn't know anything about that!)


The flavour is a bit harsh on the palette, with so many crystals it's no wonder why! We V-ripped (my fav vapouriser) it first. When you dry hit it, it goes very hay-like and sorta "green" in flav�.


This weed makes u feel like you are underwater. I was VERY baked. I just kinda went with the flow on this one. It was a warm summer night and we wanted to have a chilled night out. A friend of ours has a boat that we took for a canal cruise; we rolled a fat joint of this weed and hopped aboard. We built a lovely joint for our mate who is a "pure toker". Boat? Who needs a stinkin' boat??? ;) I was floatin' along on this smoke...


This weed was a nice surprise on the always-solid Stix menu. Every time I visit them, I am always tempted by their Haze selections; this time I went after the Bizar and I was really pleased. Nice call�

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