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Nov 22, 2003


Sativa-Indica Hybrid, hydro.


At first look, you’ll find very solid buds, firm, but not rock-like. It’s been manicured to perfection and there are hardly any stems or broad leaves left on anywhere. This stuff is so light green from the powder that covers it and the hairs are so sturdy, it looks almost fake! There was a large amount of crystals left behind in the bag when we dumped this onto the table to prepare for a pure spliff, so take care to roll up on a surface where you can collect all the good stuff.


This weed is slightly metallic scented as you begin to break it up. Combined with the fresh plant scent, you get a unique bouquet that is refreshing, especially if you’ve been smoking a lot of Sativas.


We didn’t have much of this sample, so we rolled a medium-sized pure-J. The first hit I took nearly flattened me! It was slightly citral in flavour, and the huge amount of powder leaves you with a very trichomey taste. Then I passed it to NateK, who said the big hit he took stuck to the back of this throat and just hung out there for a few minutes after we had finished our session.


Ohhh… so baked from this sample!!! Like I said above, if you’ve been on the Sativa side for awhile, you will definitely be off your face with a strain like this once in awhile! This time-warp weed seemingly distorts time and space. As if I needed more of that…! My brain felt trapped behind a meter thick concrete wall and the rest of my body just kept banging an empty head against it, trying to reunite!


First of all, do NOT smoke this if you have to anything important for the next few hours! Second, make sure you start slow; a pure stick of this had even us pros checking each other’s pulses! “You breathing?” “Ya. Are you?” “Ya....” “Cool."

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