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Haze x California

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Haze x California
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Sep 2, 2005


Mainly Sativa hybrid, Bio.


Dark green with lighter bits. It looks like fairy weed - just wicked looking! Like a cartoonist drew it, this weed is kinda TOO PERFECT looking. Just look at the calyxes... tiny and spherical little THC vessels! YES.


The scent is aroma-therapeutic, really releasing a honey-eucalyptus smell, like homeopathic candles. Pungent and far reaching.... If you've ever smelled some lovely ganja floating through the air at a concert and wondered "where can I get some of that???", this is one smell that would leave you helplessly searching....


Very "tingly" on the tongue, it leaves the vapouriser with a huge, high density cloud. You are pressed to contain this in your lungs and on the exhale you may need some tissue to dry your eyes! Water works are included as part of the experience with such strong weed!


Before I finished exhaling the first vapour bowl, I was already high as heaven. Just buggin� out, I started tripping on this gorgeous weed that started to look like mutant spinach covered with flour! (Now you KNOW I was trippin�!) You feel like your body is jelly, but your brain won't accept that fact. I knocked over an open bottle of red wine� twice!


Beside the mess I made, it was really good to be so out of it! Feeling clumsy & visually bizarre FX are the things that make you feel like you have purchased some "proper gear"! At 10 euros p/gram, this easily out-competes other shop's more pricey weeds. Gotta love the Haze AND California.... All ya gotta do is cruise by one of the fine Stix shops!

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