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Nov 2, 2004


Nederhash, made from WhiteWidow-Afghani plants.


Yellow-green powder, it is fairly "clumpy" powder which means there's a bit of moisture in there. Luckily it's just the right amount to let it burn smoothly without flaming. This stuff is so valuable we left it in the bag to avoid losing half!


Very fresh green-weed scent. It just smells potent. Now I understand why bernieW, Viking and so many of you wanted to see this Stix sample!


Makes you hack like a madman!!!! Minty. Taking massive hits may lead to excessive drooling so make sure you are wearing waterproof threads� or maybe a bib?


Generally uplifting, this high really is heavy in visuals, soundFX, and tactile "waves" in your extremities. Because you get so much "sense-overload", you end up walking around like a little kid that is exploring his surroundings for the first time ever. It is quite fun actually! We took this in a huge hits so that it bowls you over. A joint did spread it out more, but for us, this was all about packed bubbler bowls!


Every time I smoked this and then tried to write about it, I failed miserably!!! Very difficult to concentrate when you are this stoned! "Stop & Start" Smoke. Your brain tries to focus in each task for as long as possible, which in my case was only about 2 seconds! All this makes for GREAT FUN Giggly, surreal shit! If you are a pro-smoker you will have no problem using this in a social setting; just make sure there are a few other stoners in your party to share the great trip with! Get it from STIX before it's all gone!

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