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White Widow x Afghan

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White Widow x Afghan
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Jul 23, 2002


The name says it all for this Bio Beauty.


"Strong" buds! Very firm and rock-like with a perfect cure and packing. What this means is that these nuggets were allowed to dry properly and then were not pressed or smashed on delivery. All this, and they are still so "rocky" without being packed that way!


Straight Ginger (gember). A very lightly sweet ginger with a bit of that "cool mint" aroma.


This one, much like the smell had me craving a Dry Asahi Japanese Beer to quench my thirst and cotton-mouth caused from this seemingly Japanese Herb.


Intense stone. Very "physical", this gear races in and feels like you are on a bungee jump; no shitting, I stood up after a fat spliff, and my stomach dropped down to my shoes! This gets your heart pumpin'.


I was really really impressed with this quality weed. Patience and care really went into this product to get such refined results. This isn't a good one for beginners; unless you are a crazy-MF!

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