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John Sinclair
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La Tertulia

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Aug 30, 2008


Mainly Sativa, 100% bio.


These little beauties are kind of loose in structure and they �unlock� from each other with ease. Overall, they look slightly yellowish-green and very crystal covered from the inner surface. The hairs "shoot-out" all over, slightly erratic in nature. There are also lots of extra larger leaves left on, but they are covered with crystals. They are not too dry, but they certainly crumble up with ease.


At first, the scent is nothing spectacular, especially considering how great this bud looks but don't be fooled; this is a strong weed as you will read below... When you do get it broken up, you get a very nice bouquet: It is softly hazey and sandalwood; if you are a fan of good spicy herb, then you will be in "Hog Heaven" as this gets prepped for a fatty.


You wanna take a dry hit off of this before it gets burned so that you can really get this lovely flava released. Happily, the taste is a bit sour. The joint gets so resinous by the first or second hit, you would not believe it. Even so, it still goes down smooth with an almost polm-like taste at times. The genetics of this weed have been long championed by the legendary John Sinclair and with good reason; the flavs are all there and so is the HIGH.


This herb is extremely flashy and spacey. For me, it was very visual in nature. As I was already a bit tired, the FX were genuinely HIGH, not heavy stoned. Sometimes (not always, mind you) I love to be creative and productive; not brain dead and couch potatoed, like some strains affect me.


You know we really love Coffeeshop La Tertulia over here at the Smokers Guide, and the reasons are evident; it is a relaxing , friendly and light space with top-notch weed! Give �em some love... ;)

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La Tertulia

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