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Hawaiian Haze

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Hawaiian Haze
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Jan 15, 2003


Sativa hybrid.


Delicate looking, almost "porcelain like" herb that seems as if it'll break apart just by looking at it! Narrow, cylindrical shaped buds resemble natural green Velcro with dagger shaped leaves curled back and inward; few of the brown/orange hairs are "snagged" here and there but they are not plentiful, much like the barely noticeable dusting of tiny crystals. This plant variegates between light yellow/green undersides and darker green leaf surfaces. Quite beautiful and much different than a lot of the Sativas that are hybridized and show more crystal coverage.


Carrots. That's it. Like the smell of fresh carrot tops (the green part). As this gear is burned in a joint there is a soft peppery scent, so in total, the smell is like a veggie juice with a shot of Tobasco.


Dry, this weed burns hot in the vapo and doesn't leave you much in the way of flava. I'd much more recommend this one to be toked pure in a medium size spliff to get the most for your mouth. Similar to a Purple weed in this regard, there is an earthy, dusty and very mildly spicy taste.


This is a very sharp high: It's visually trippy and can be almost dizzying in your head but not too much to the point you want the high to end, or go to sleep or something down like that.


This was a great surprise. I was just looking for a little something different after some post-Xmas shopping and decided to drop in and buy a little sack of Sativa; this Hawaiian Haze looked so interesting, I had to try it, and wasn't disappointed!

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