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Kali Mist

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Kali Mist
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Sep 22, 2004


Mainly Sativa, 100% Bio.


So incredibly dense; they are simply little greenish-golden nuggets. Tiny little leaves and tiny hairs cover these quite "smallish" buds. Like "Madurodam weed" (A tourist attraction in Den Haag), which means that they are perfect little miniatures! Zillions of little crystals cover the interior. Not much sign of calyxes in this strain.


Not much scent outta the bag; kinda hay green. A bit hazey-spicy as it grinds up. You also get an almost green tea smell released somewhere in there.


There are tones of celery, carrot and sage, like a fresh cooked bowl of veggie soup. I opened a bottle of an Australian white wine with "flavours of grapefruit and lychee" and what a fine taste sensation it was! I would like to roll a spliff of this at my next Thai dinner party!


The feeling comes gradually over you, and it is definitely trippy and psychedelic. In addition, only what can be described as a "weird" feeling takes holf of your body and you really get buzzed. You stay quite "mental" on this one (depending how mental you were to begin with!)


There are all kinds of strains in Amsterdam that you can choose from and this Kali Mist is certainly worth checking out! A fine weed that really has a unique flav & FX combo...

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La Tertulia

Prinsengracht 312
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