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Yellow Leb

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Yellow Leb
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Jun 22, 2007


Lebanon � Rarely found lately, the "yellow" (blonde or golden) Leb is made using age-old techniques of sifting and packing the pollen collected from Lebanese Sativa (and now more Afghan hybrids).


Upon first look, it seems like a dry Moroccan polm (not even "Super"). There is no real sign of structure in the layers as it more "grainy" than "cake-like". Cut in thin strips, this sample breaks before bending but you can see that there is high oil content where its skin darkens in areas it has been pressed against the bag. OK, now this is starting to really interest me!


The smell is actually quite strong for a "dry" hash; there is a strong mint-chocolate bean smell, like a Caribbean farm� At this point, you would think it's from North Africa NOT the Middle East!


Taking a nibble off of the corner of this "wee cocoa-wafer" rewarded me with a bit of choc-mint action with a hint of earth/dust in there somewhere. As I lit it up it burned effortlessly, but not all at once in a flash flame like a hash that is too dry. Instead, this cherries up and continues to burn from the core like a piece of resin covered charcoal!


The FX hit you gradually over a few minutes and before you know it you are heavy-lidded looking slow-motioned around the room. Overall, it is quite calming in effect. You are not overly impacted by the visuals but you are still peacefully blurry.


This hash is great. A VERY unique high is achieved by keeping a bowl of this burnin�, chuff after chuff! It just kept glowin� bra� YES. Two ways I�d take this: First, if I wanted a very chilled out softly floating high then I�d smoke this pure in a little pipe. Second, if drinks were on order, this would be a perfect way to be just at the edge of reason without tumbling down� ;)

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