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Sticky Haze

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Sticky Haze
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La Tertulia

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Jul 7, 2006


Sativa/Indica hybrid, 100% bio.


These are delicate-looking buds at first glance but when you start to break them up, you find that they are quite solid and almost rock-like. In the sunlight you will see they are shining exquisitely! There are plenty of little orange hairs that poke in and out of this weed. Some buds are so yellow and fuzzy, they seem to almost have a "white" strain in the family. Every area is covered with crystals. The growers did a great job; especially for a haze! At this point, it's obvious why they call it STICKY Haze!


The scent is slightly metallic, with bits of citrus and something "sandlewoody" about it. It smells just like you walked into an Antique and Curiosa shop.


On the "dry hit", there is a celery flavoured aftertaste. Once you start burning it, you have about two seconds before you begin to hack your lungs out�Very much like White Widow with its icy inhale. There are so many crystals. (cough, cough�) I broke up a nugget covered with crystals and skinned up: The J became very resinous, VERY quickly, which is always a welcome sign..


I feel very stoned; almost to the point where I could really take a pleasant nap� This "mellowing high" makes you feel calm and relaxed; not very energetic. Don't smoke this before throwing a Frisbee disc around... Its better for watching OTHER people throw one around!


Overall, this weed is perfect for a lazy day in the Vondel Park. You could have a fat joint laid-out in the grass and then be totally ready for a pleasant evening out on the town without too much heavy "come-down"�

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La Tertulia

Prinsengracht 312
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