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La Tertulia

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May 9, 2003


I think this is primarily an Indica strain but the woman behind the bar had no other information.


Solid, dense nuggets. Overall, an ivory-white hue. It looks almost like a photograph of a nug that's bathed in diffused sunlight. You really have to double check it aint your eyes playin' trix. But wait, this bud is actually white!?! It's not like it's light green covered with crystals like a White Widow or so, this is darker green with very faint, soft white crystals and the hairs are white! Almost lookin' like it's premature, but I assure you it's not!


A fresh, sweet, sugary burst but no sign of fruit, coffee or other Indicaters.


I vapo'd most of it so the flava was light but also pleasantly fresh, like the scent. NateK started getting a tickle-feeling in da back of his throat and then began giggling like a little school girl!


These FX are very nice cos you feel very stoned but not paranoid. Just relaxed with great visuals that are slow and "dim-witted". This weed is sit in a beanbag by the fire on a colder-than-a-polarbear's-toenails Sunday afternoon!


This is a really good weed for relaxed cruising. It seems to me to be a great strain to use for medical purposes because of these properties.

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La Tertulia

Prinsengracht 312
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