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Bubble Ice-o-lator

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Bubble Ice-o-lator
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Sep 11, 2004


Ice hash made from Afghani-White Widow plants.


Depending on how hard it's pressed, this fine hash can range from lighter brown to darker grayish-brown and almost black in some cases. In this pic, you see the thin cut version in the middle and the two "discs" pressed in a PeaceMaker machine after the resin was extracted from the ice bags. As it breaks up soft & clay-like you see whitish crystals inside. It's velvety.


The scent is GORGEOUS; fresh and not even the least bit mouldy or foul, which you sometimes get in water/ice hash extraction methods. This is simply flowery and very fresh plant scented.


The taste is exactly like the scent; so fresh and overpowering as you inhale it, you could nearly fall forward as you exhale the copious amounts of rich and clean white-blue smoke. As always with such crystalled gear, you need only small tokes to avoid hacking your lungs out!


The FX are immediate hitting; as you feel a numbing in the rear upper surface of your skull… No shit! It buzzes like a swarm of wasps are flying around your dome! You feel really stoned but not sleepy in any way, and it lasts for daze...


This is some really nice ice hash; for the serious canna-seurs, this is a call. I am not normally a fan of these types of hashes but this one is really clean and nice to smoke, in a light joint, or a glass bong. If you can afford one of the "discs", good luck having the heart to actually break it up…!

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La Tertulia

Prinsengracht 312
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