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Hash Plant Haze

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Hash Plant Haze
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La Tertulia

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Jun 1, 2007


Bio, Indica-Sativa hybrid.


So crystal covered - It's simply great! Look at it, you will see globules of resin covering tight smallish rock nuggets. Xtra light green. All of the calyxes are tucked away but you will find many tiny hairs, very light-yellow in colour. Looking at a bong bowl full of this is like looking into "the abyss"; you know it's gonna crush you!


Scent is "peppery" yet minty fresh. When you break it up and the scent fills the air anybody in the area is drawn in your direction. A bit metallic with a slightly chemical "wash" you smell in something man-made. When it vapo's, it definitely smells like it has Haze in its heritage... very piney and sandalwood.


It tastes slightly "white" ie, it burns "hot" and makes you cough, which in turn adds to your high. I was happy to have an icy-cold fruit juice nearby. La Tertulia has quite a drink menu including fresh squeezed OJ to help soothe your throat after a big hit.


Very "flashy" effects. In my case, it was immediately followed by heavy eyelids. Very relaxing (for pro-smokers); time slows down to a crawl at times, but a huge grin follows nevertheless.


La Tertulia never disappoints me. It's a sunny, clean and friendly family-run spot alongside the Prinsengracht canal. This coffeeshop is nice. Their menu is top quality; all of this together makes them a perfect choice for true coffeeshop conoisseurs...

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La Tertulia

Prinsengracht 312
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