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Apr 5, 2004




Dark brown, pressed flat. No visible hairs. It is pretty dry, so it breaks up easily. There are a few seeds (and what bothers me more) bits of smashed up seed which I always call shell frags. These are the bits of shiny shell that often find their way into the layers of weed as it is dried, pressed & packed. They are tricky to spot as you prepare a spliff (especially in a darker room) but you always know when you�ve accidentally rolled one as the flavour is bitter and produces a nasty scent.


"Dusty" scent of earth and spice. A bit peppery, with a little bit of a wet cardboard smell. NateK upon walking in the smoke-filled room and welcoming me back to the grind said he thought I was smokin� a cigar at first!


Flavour-wise, it is very similar to the scent I described above. A bit peppery and spicy, it was actually fairly smooth when it is smoked in a pure joint; you can take HUGE tokes without hacking everywhere, and we did just that! The smoothness proves this sample was not too contaminated during the curing. Nice.


From one really big hit, NateK was feeling buzzed off of my "cigar"! "It's quite a head-rush, from this�" said he. I felt a nice ampy feeling that had me moving quickly. The FX were leaning toward the visual and there were small "flashes" when I looked from inside toward the sunlight streaming out from the canal. The "up" feelings last for an hour or so before they fade out; you're not sleepy at all.


This is really nice. Getting past the taste may be a big issue for some of you tokers out there, but the FX are brilliant! Not too strong to put you out for the day but not light either; it's kind of a perfect medium ground for those of you who have tired of the SOS or "same ol� strain."

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Eerste van der Helststraat 70
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