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Killer Green

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Killer Green
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Sep 26, 2005


Mainly Sativa, bio grown.


Huge & very solid buds, this gear is sold in E20 bags and proves well looked after. It is really a light green that is nearly yellow from all the tiny crystals that blanket the entire surface all the way down to the core of these lovely pieces.


Hazey in scent, it tends to be very medicinal. There are hints of a "green" smell that is like fresh cut hay. As you break it up, you realise that this is some potent weed. Ones like this usually leave my mouth watering in anticipation...


The taste is like a cough medicine with eucalyptus and honey flavouring. A bit "heavy" on the throat like a thick vapour. I decided to follow it down with a mango juice from the Katsu bar.


The FX are certainly KILLER. It is a quick hitting feeling that rushes on you like playing a racing game. Your peripherals turn a bit blurry as if you are moving past at incredible speed. An intense feeling if you can handle it! Heavy eyelidded, I gazed around the room catching fine details in my environs like a new visitor to my own house!


As summer sighed its last breaths and teased us with how gorgeous Amsterdam can be, we sat out in Sarphati Park and fired up a pure stick of this Killer Green. The sun shone, the grass was soft under us, and we had finished a hard week at work. Who could ask for more? Yet ANOTHER reason to get out to Katsu; really laid back, a great neighbourhood and oh ya, some great weed, or shall I say "KILLER GREEN".

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Eerste van der Helststraat 70
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