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Haze Silver Pearle

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Haze Silver Pearle
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Nov 10, 2006


Indica-Sativa Hybrid, 100% Bio.


These are large and firm buds which are quite rock-like in texture and firmness. Dark-green to a lighter yellow interior is broken apart to reveal a layer of crystal fuzz. This is Albert Stonestein weed; get your bud microscope out� it's like there's a tiny universe goin� on in the centre of the nugget you are examining! In fact you don't even need a scope cos there are so many crystals; just check out the photo at right.


The scent is much more on the Silver Pearl side if you ask me, being very sweet and nearly anisette and very flowery although there is a bit of that soapy-sandalwood you�ll find in most Hazes. The burn is certainly Haze, proving the name is a proper hybrid. No hype here.


Flav-wise, this weed is quite "Icy", which again leans toward the SP in taste. Expansive, it burns hot so keep an ice-cold juice at hand. The aftertaste is very resinous as it lingers in the back of your throat.


The FX are "dizzying", to say the least. You feel a bit as if you are floating and rotating slightly all the while. You feel high this way for at least an hour. What I always like about the Katsu is that you are guaranteed nice pieces of big buds ready for you! That's one positive about their 20 euro bags; they are able to give you nice chunks!


The Katsu is most definitely worth a trip out toward de Pijp and the Albert Cuyp market. Because not as many tourists make it out there it remains a hidden gem in the city, all the while, this has one of the BEST coffeeshop menus in the city.

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