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Oct 10, 2001


Super skunk x Big Skunk Korean x Afghani-Hawaiian. Soma Seeds. 80% Indica/20% Sativa, 100% bio-organic.


It looks so damn pretty, I have hard time breaking it up and (God forbid) smoking it!!! This weed is AWESOME. Soma has done such a great job, I just can't believe it! You are going to have to see for yourselves. We put two photos cos the huge bud we bought at the Katsu can't even fit on the screen!


The scent is nearly pharmaceutical in nature do to its nearly man-made chemical scent! Who could believe Mother Nature (with a helping hand from Soma) could be so intense!


The dry hit tastes so LAVENDER. The taste is very fragrant and SOUR in the dry hit. When you light it up, it is SIMPLY amazing! There is ginger and a soft 'lemon peel zest' going on here. It really makes me hungry (and nearly horny!)'Jesus, this shit has some serious effect on me! I shit you not; it is like some great herbal therapy created in the Garden of Eden! Happily, this vapourises quite smoothly, which is something you do not see too often! The flav that is left behind is tangy, like a sour-sugar gummy bear. This is fantastic. After a few minutes, you start tasting the rich aftertaste in your nasal passages as you breathe. It is truly aromatic and nearly gastronomic.


Weeds like this make you feel so visually out of it that you treat it more like being on a 'trip' so you take it more seriously if you are hard-core smoker like me. It makes you appreciate the FX and feel like being stoned. The high lasts for a long time and there are lots of visuals that flash, whrrr, zoom by you. It is super-high. This gear hits me incredibly hard. Like a rolling cascade of water as it pours past my face. It really works! No matter how stressed you are, this weed can take you away. I always enjoy a weed that can do that to me. It is the best thing you can do to make you feel better. It is certainly not for beginners however, the FX are intense and quite dreamy.


This batch of Lavender is incredible. This may be one of the all-time most crystal-covered and flavourful buds I have ever had the pleasure of smoking. A serious Bushdoc fav for 2007 and early 2008. Lucky, there are still breeders like Soma and places like the Katsu in town; great gear and positive vibes, just like it should be.

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Eerste van der Helststraat 70
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