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Scooby Snaxxx
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Nov 18, 2002


Ice-o-lator Hash. The strain(s) used are the "special secret ingredients".


Dark brown, flat, shiny, pressed, and delivered in a sheet of plastic. At this point it's resembling a melted chocolate-caramel toffee more than smoke. Almost candy-like. "Skroooby snaxxx??


Rich and "skunky" smelling. Fresh ground herbs and coffee. You really have to burn a little edge (careful not to waste too much), before you can get the full scent to release. Then it's quite "heady".


Very heavy green flav, that really fills the throat when toked in a joint. I spliffed up with tobacco and you could only taste hash�. This is a good thing! There's a heavy aftertaste of Metallic Flowers.


For starters, this hits you in about a millisecond! Before you�re even exhaling the first puff, you feel a bit light-headed and "dazey". The effect is certainly an "uppy high" with some possible dizziness. Beginners may feel like they�re perched on a 100 meter pole looking down� with a fear of heights! Very frontal lobe high. By this I mean you're forehead feels as thick as brick and you're really affected on your peripheral vision where colors and shapes seem to go all "fluttery". I began to feel lightheaded and it was a really pleasant way to smile-n-fly.


Butterfly Bud. This is what I call ganja that will have your stomach feeling almost "nervous in anticipation". Very potent. Similar to a mild Salvia D. high, in that it gets you really tweaked and trippy for awhile and then after your session, it just goes away as fast as it came and you are back to normal with no sleepiness or "down time". Very visual and spacey gear. Run around town smokin� joints of those Scooby Snaxxx!

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Eerste van der Helststraat 70
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