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Amnesia Haze

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Amnesia Haze
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Aug 19, 2004


Mainly Sativa, Indica hybrid. Biologically grown.


Excellent, super-solid, really dense buds! So compact, the hairs are pressed/packed deep inside. The odd leaf pops out, left on to cover the crystals. Cured extremely well, it breaks up evenly and not too "dry" in a grinder. If you have no grinder, prepare to get in there with your fingernails to break up this sticky herb.


The scent is not too strong, even as it is broken up and prepared for a spliff. There IS a presence of that typical medicinal-haze odour, which really comes out strongly as the smoke lingers around the room.


Flava-wise, this one is just fantastic! Like a burst of flava is released when it hits the back of your throat. Especially compared to the scent. Such a huge expanding toke, a tear came to my eye� and that's no lie!


Too stoned to write! Really tweaked-out on this gear, like a guy who's Break-Dancing, only in my case without my body moving at all; in fact, I had to remind myself to keep breathing in� oh yes, and OUT!!! Flashy, spacey and a little psychedelic. This is really head-trip, meant for the very experienced!


If you want a special strain that's really not widely available, look no further! This one perfectly combines the FX of a Haze with a really powerful expansion effect that you normally only get with White's, Afghani's, etc., etc. Just be certain you are not mentally unstable cos this one will have you in "la-la land"!

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