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King White Willem

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King White Willem
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Oct 16, 2002


White Widow Hybrid


"Streamlined" buds, slight and narrow in stature, but fairly dense. Light green with light orange hairs.


Salty-sweet, rice-vinegar and ginger scented. If you've ever bought one of those pre-made sushi trays from ALbert Heijn supermarket, when you open the plastic lid, you get this scent... No shit!


Slightly soapy flavoured with a floral follow-up. Then, outta nowhere a bit of sugary sweet taste before the "drip" of flower bubblebath goes down your throat.


"Buzzy", light-headed, visual. Tip of your toes type of high. Your eyes crave stimulation of some sort; colours, lasers, big-screens, sunsets... "feed us"!


Pro smokers will be cool with active outdoor events on this, while beginners should stick to playing video games or dancing. Either way, you are gonna be laughing and enjoying yourself.

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