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Hunters Special
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Hunters Bar

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May 19, 2005


Moroccan Super Polm


Thin cut, these gorgeous pieces proudly display their layered structure. The edges are slightly darker and incredibly oily. The centre of these choco-gum stix are still oily but just dry enough to break up easily without getting a bunch of resin stuck under your nails.


The smell is fresh and very "green" for sieved pollen. There is that very potent scent of crystals, which usually translates to a minty, pepper smell. The perfumed smell is released as soon as the joint is lit and you can see the rich blue-grey smoke hovering in the air.


The flav is choco-spice-mint. Simply tasty. AB-SG invited us over to the 5th Element Vodka bar for a Chocolate Martini. (They make some WIKID drinks over there!) We burned a heavy hash-to-tobacco ratio joint and the flavours went together magnificently. Cannaisseur-cocktail stylee.


With the Chocolate Martini beginning to hit me cerebrally and the joint only halfway burned, I realised I was NOT at home on my sofa chillin�! I was gonna have to start moving around the bar! "But it feels so comfy right here�"


I love this hash, it tastes great and the FX are really kickin� and smooth. It makes for a really nice gear to smoke when you feel like lounging. Combining it with a 5th Element cocktail put me in STONE mode. Just floatin� down the Reguliersdwarsstraat�

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Hunters Bar

Utrechtsestraat 16
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