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Oct 10, 2001


Mainly Indica Bio


Very densely packed and crystal covered with very few hairs. The white dusting looks deadly! Thin stems, almost pure smoke material in these powdery nuggets.


Fresh and sweet when broken. A 'lil' musty smelling but not because of too much moisture causing this; it was a natural result that I liken to Kitten Piss. It's not quite as strong as a full-grown cat's urine but more like a lil' kitty's! (I realise this is more than you prolly needed but I go all the way with my descriptions!)


The flav was certainly Indica. Like a rich and deep earthy-coffee undertaste. It made my throat tickle a bit and left a dry and stable essence behind. Ultimately it ended with some serious cotton-mouth that was handled swiftly with some Austrailian Pistachio Ice Cream; the nutty flav was "on hit" with the rich Indy-tastin' Ice weed... nice combo of Ice's!


VERY strong high; another Shutter-Buggin' high! My eyelids kept shutting; blink, blink, blink.... After a 50 minute trippy visual high, it shifts into a dopey body high that made me non-motivated! My body felt like it was on a trip alright, post-session made me feel like loungin' and resting!


This stuff was one of the most body-potent i've smoked in awhile. It manifested certain "up" qualities at first, then it shifted into a heavy trip! This makes a perfect match for a quiet Friday night around the house watchin movies and forgettin' about the prior week!

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