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Orange Bud (2)

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Orange Bud (2)
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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Oct 10, 2001


Indica/Sativa hybrid. Bio.


Medium light-green. Light crystal blanket covers interior portions which are exposed when broken apart. Naturally, the coli live up to the name, making this a hairy orange mass of nugget. Simply beautiful.


Very fruity and nice. A refreshing and eye-opening scent. I'd love to see this incorporated into a kind of shower gel; it would have me bright-eyed and wide awake every morning!


Sweet and light. Doesn't crash down on your tastebuds which is nice after smoking a lot of perfumed hashes and chemical weeds. I ate a lightly marinated teriyaki chicken salad and smoked 3 bowls; a wicked match of flavours! Where's the Sapporo beer?


Man this gear gets me Crispy! Not a cloudy headed high at all but more of a sharp, focused yet light-headed buzz. Very nice cerebral high for an old pro like me.


I am very happy with this weed. It's good to see a standard Orange Bud on my field notes again; this one rips! A very nice high with almost zero burnout at the end. A happy grinnin' herb; it'll make ya smile...

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