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Oct 10, 2001


Bio. Super-Skunk, Big Skunk Korean hybrid crossed with Jack Herer hybrid. Soma Seeds.


A very dense, rock-like yet still elongated bud shape. Super coating of micro-crystals which combine to form a "dusting" that resembles a fine grained flour. The weed is light green with orange hairs that are "iced" white. These frosted cones look like they should be in a sugar cereal for adults!!!! Just throw these nuggets in a bowl pour an ice cold Corona over them and start enjoying a beer & bud breakfast!


Upon opening you are met more with spice than fruit. Smells a lil' like my ol' man's fine Colombian Gold from the 70's. Upon the break it gives off a rush of fruity sweet citrus.... delish!


Popped a stem in my mouth first; fresh & green, the flav remains the same and seems to last longer than any candy i've ever sampled. The "mango" is represented lightly but there is still that light pepper-spice sneakin' in there too. A fine palate's rejoice...


Boo-yaaa! The high is direct and clear as it hits almost immediately. I felt a slight tingle under my dome. It had me risin' and peakin' like a stimulant of some sort. Visuals were soft with sunlight influenced illusions. I love this type of high. I can still write my usual shite. I can be pleasantly buzzed without feeling a major crash afterwards!


Wow. Straight Philosopher Bud. I am gonna save some of this up for the coming summer. It's perfect for kickin' it in the sun, light-reading, shit-talkin, and pondering whazzup in this crazy world! Glad to see this fine Soma strain available commercially this season!

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Hunters Bar

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