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Apr 22, 2003


Hybrid Indica-Sativa, 100% bio grown. Pronounced like "snake" in English.


I often refer to weed as rocky; this gear is ROCKED out! These dark-green buds are good examples of Snail Trail Weed. It's covered with sticky glue-like resin. Tiny lilí hairs with red/orange tones poke in and out from the center of the flower tops.


It breaks up rich and seems Sativa-based with a Haze scent similar to Neville's Haze or Phazer strain. There's a sweet soft spice smell. There is a great smoke released from this herb and people around the way will be looking your direction to try and get a puff.


It's sugary with a nice lightness to it. The vapouriser allowed us to get a good taste also. For me, Sneek is one of those herbs that really is best had in a regular pipe, one hit per person. The resin build-up in a joint made this get a lilí bitter and harsh as it burned down.


You feel like you are really stoned on this weed. You stay tripped and out of it for a good while. You can still function but things get done in a daze. "oh ya, IÖ what was I doing again???" Be prepared for a silly-ass day.


This is another top weed from Anyday. Very fresh and well grown, and very powerful in FX. Nice one!

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