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Hawaiian Rise

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Hawaiian Rise
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Oct 10, 2001


Mainly sativa, Bio.


Very light-green yellow. Outter edges of leaves are all slightly lighter than the rest of the pieces. There are many broader protective leaves left on in the manicure. These are long, dense bud structures that have fine hairs "bushing" out around the surface.


OK, this is no exagerration. This could be one of the finest smelling weeds I have tried all year! There's a serious pineapple, mango blend. It's a tropical fruit punch scent that would make you drool like a thirsty lil' kid playing outside on a hot summer day! All this is NOT because the name gave me subliminal guidance; Hawaiian bud and the Hawaiian Fruit Punch smell are simply coincidental. See for yourself!


Fresh and light, in pure joint the fruit taste comes through! But there is really no ammonia-chemical, or pine-eucalyptus in this one at all! There is only fruit with maybe a tiny bit of fermented pineapple juice flav.


The high is like sizing up a brick wall, backing up 5 extra meters, then running full speed into it; you can see stars almost immediately! This creates a very visually blurred effect that lasts for hours! Things are kinda "warm & fuzzy". I wore my Prozac-yellow glasses on a sunny November day and smoked a small pure spliff of this to maximize the flav. It had me smiling like a cat with a half-swallowed canary; fully grinning, yet daring not to open my mouth for fear of something foreign falling out!


Honestly, this weed is some of the best in its range. I had a great laugh on it. Enjoyed being slightly NRG-boosted from the buzz and loved the type of "trippy" high you get with this gear. A sunny-day special, no doubt! It will be tough, but i'll try and tuck some away for ya Maui420!

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Any Day (CLOSED)

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