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Aug 12, 2004


N.Y.C. Diesel strain, grown bio with lovin� care!


It looks like a Tarantula's Hairy Legs! Such fuzzy, yellowish, sticky-looking green buds. (Throw it against the wall and it�ll prolly stick there for a minute or two, al dente!) Well formed, very dense nuggets� looks o'so nice! Yes-I! Extremely well formed calyxed "grape clusters" hidden under a few broad leaves left on to protect the goods. Thick orange-brown hairs. It breaks up smoothly: Not too dry, not too moist.


Squeeze it; it pushes out a sweet-icy-chemical citrus. This is a gem! Smelling like a fermented grapefruit. (Take a few, squeeze the juice out, and let it sit in the fridge for 2 weeks� da's it!) On the "break-up" the smell goes from citral to a more icy eucalyptus. Fantastic.


Tangy-citrus flav; almost like you have an aftertaste of Thai lemongrass. Not quite lemon, not quite grass! Smokes well, even in a vapouriser, which is usually not the case with strains like this.


Jesus, where do I begin? Smiling, flashin� trippadelic�. GO SPEED RACER, GO!!! Yes, I�m flying high! Nice flashy/visual FX, oh yes this gear is good; umm GREAT!


This is the type of gear that comes �round rarely. Grab it when you can! For the prices you find in the town centre, this one rocks!!!

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Any Day (CLOSED)

Korte Kolksteeg 5
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