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Orange Bud

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Orange Bud
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Feb 26, 2008


Sativa/Indica Hybrid. Ol' skool original. Fully bio-organic.


Yes sir, these are ORANGE. :) JUST LOOK AT THE "PUFFY" BUD IN THE PICTURE AT RIGHT! Created in a laboratory?!? On first glance you easily see that these are super dense buds that are darker green with bits of lighter leaves found here and there. Tiny little calyx clusters can be found around the interior, proving it's proper development. It breaks up leaving a mass of orange hairs falling all over the place; make sure you have a rolling tray so as not to lose the good stuff!


The smell is pungent citral; almost like the smell of oranges before they start to turn penicillin-mouldy. There is a hint of a medical scent there but you still get the citrus fresh fruit too. When it burns the scent changes and there is a soft skunky-sweet smell from the heavy smoke.


The taste is fresh and sweet overall. It burns perfectly; nice and smooth for a weed of this sort. As it gets smaller to the end, the flavor gets a bit more intense. The pepper and spice is really strong, but it doesn't make you hack too much. This is a good sign; it was grown and cured well.


The high from this was just that: HIGH. Not too overpowering, but certainly effective in changing my consciousness. Weed like this is perfect for a nice buzz without getting too "wasted" and feeling like you've lost an entire day! Call this tourist weed, as you are able to toke on this and then manage to hit up a bunch of attractions. ;)


This is one of the best Orange Buds I have seen in a LONG time. It wasn't so popular for awhile but locals know that when OB is grown right and has the genetics to back it up, it can be a very pleasurable smoke. Hunter's delivers!

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