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Hunter's Haze

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Hunter's Haze
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Aug 30, 2008


Sativa-Haze hybrid, 100% bio.


At first glance, you see these rather large pieces, fluffy, yet solid to the touch. The next thing you notice is HOW CRYSTALLY these MF'ers are!!! If you think I am exaggerating, take a close look at the picture on the screen at right and you will notice all of the powder-fine THC falling off!) These are very "clean" buds overall, meaning that they are manicured to perfection and looking more than ready for me to fire up!!!


Open the bag and a slightly citrus rush of air emerges. This is always a good sign that the weed is fresh and not too moist. As you grind this sticky gear up the lovely smell of sandalwood-haze with tones of sage and garden herbs are released too. YUMMY!


On the dry hit, the taste was floral and "tangy" with a bit of sour in there. I drank a glass of La Palma Sauvignon Blanc (thanks for the case AB) and was VERY happy with the citrus/sour pairing. It burns smoothly, with no stress on the throat, showing that it was grown and cured properly.


This is a "blinky", flashy weed. I sat crossed-legged on the edge of my lounge chair and I nearly tipped forward! The FX were quite intense, hitting me fast and not letting go for a few fun-packed hours... :)


The Hunters Haze is one of the best Hazes in town and this is just the beginning of the top-shelf menu from Hunter's these daze... Just make certain you use a grinder and/or a tray to harvest all of the lovely THC powder that will undoubtedly fall off in the process... you could get high on just the scraps alone!

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Hunters - CLOSED

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