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Sour Diesel

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Sour Diesel
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Jun 23, 2009


Bio-Indica, € 10.50 p/gram.


The buds are large in size with some broader leaves left on. Structure-wise, it is completely packed tight; totally "stacked". There are very tiny little calyx formations which make up this "brick house". Even so, these pieces are still easy to break up without a grinder. The cure seems perfect. Not many hairs, although they are seen here and there around these little rocks you see to the right...


Very sour and more on the Kushy/Indica side than most Sour Diesels (which often seem dominated by the Diesel and are characteristically fuel, chemical and grapefruit scented.) Still, there a lot of chemical/metallic flav in there too. I often describe this as the taste you get when you lick a warm spoon with a bit of dishwashing soap left on. I also detected a bit of floral freshness and a wee bit of citrus flowed through.


Right off the bat, I tasted more Diesel when I lit it up. Usually the taste follows the scent. It's certainly floral and a little chemical, with a metallic aftertaste. Oh man, you should see the resin build up at the end of my joint�.Nuts! It almost gets too resinous to burn down any further and you need to take what's left and throw it in a bong.


FX are very visual and what I call "back of the eye high", where there's a sensation of floating eyeballs. Yeah, it is definitely trippy. Time also flies on this one. You get stuck in a zone before you know it. This is the perfect gear to smoke to watch paint dry. :o It is like you took a ride somewhere and were too busy looking out the windows to remember how long it took to get to your destination! Wicked.


I found this Sour Diesel was a very nice way to spend some time�.(well, a lot of time if you smoke a fatty!) It has once more proven that Hunters has one of the best value-for-money menus in town right now!

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