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Oct 19, 2004


Top quality Moroccan, made from the first "shake" of the screen.


It looks like it was made from plastic almost! It is very shiny and dark brown. Very "squidgy" in consistency, it almost pulls apart like chewing gum! Check out the pic.... straight up choco-chewing gum! As it breaks apart, the lighter interior is exposed in its full glory.


The smell isn't too strong, but after it's burned up the smoke floats heavily in the air with quite a dark scent of spice and pepper. Not too perfumed like most Polm's, almost as if this was pressed from plants that were still not completely dried in the sun.


After the first hit, you can really feel the oil content making its way slowly down your throat like syrup. There's an exorbitant richness to this taste that proves the quality of the gear.


Very settling; like napping in a hammock under swaying trees along a river bank on a warm summer day! This is another session for those high-anxiety days; you can get home, flip on the tube or grab a book or magazine and just let your worries melt away�


We followed the bubbles floating along the Warmoesstraat and found our asses seated firmly in The Coin; a great choice for the Primero; quite expensive, but as we all know, you get what you pay for!

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Hunters - CLOSED

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