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Sour Diesel

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Sour Diesel
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Nov 7, 2008


Mainly Sativa, bio.


These buds are big, firm and fairly dry. Even though its drier, it still doesn't crumble easily due to the resinous interior. Very beautiful! Lots of calyxes with a fuzzy heavy crystal condition. A few darker leaves poke out, but the manicure is great, overall.


Scent is really sour and slightly sandalwood. A bit herbal medicinal (all this when broken up). Out of the bag its a bit hay/dried grass until you get a light buzz from inhaling this! When it burns, it gives off a strong perfumed.


If you roll a J of this and puff it, you can get a strong taste of fuel and soft tangy accent, almost like you are inhaling the vapour released by an orange peel that is starting to ferment. There is a serious drip that forms on the back of your throat. It burns well...nice and steady. Your lips go a bit numb on this. In one of the bags, I had an additional factor involved but I wasn't too sure. (Occasionally I taste cologne, either from AB-SG or Raffs, or perhaps from the dealer's pockets...)


FX are slow to catch up to you, but when it does come up, you can be assured that its gonna be strong, heavy hitting gravity high type feeling combined with trippy visuals that are flashy with blurry, drunken psychedelic vision.


I really found out quickly that this weed is great! A combo of top FX with a really strong flavour always make me smile.

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